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Donate a book today and give a kid the gift of connecting with his/her parent!

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Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerated women in the country – and the second highest for men. 85.3% of the women in prison in the state of Oklahoma has at least one child.  This means tens of thousands of children go months or years without one or both of their parents, which creates anxiety, depression, anger and loss of interest in school for these children. As children get to see and hear their parents saying “I love you and miss you. I’m proud of you!,” it helps traumatized children see themselves in a positive way and know that their parents are safe and well.

Donations Needed!

We are only a month away from our holiday filming! We are in need of books for the kids. Please consider purchasing a book so these kids can have a great holiday. Head over to our Amazon Wish List page to donate today.

Back To School

For many children of incarcerated parents, heading back to school means anxiety and fear. The Oklahoma Messages Project helps these children boost their confidence and reading levels when they get to connect with their parent and read books with them through the Messages videos.

Kirkpatrick Foundation Donates $10,000 to OKMP

Kirkpatrick Foundation Donates $10,000 to OKMP

We want to thank the Kirkpatrick Foundation of Oklahoma City who has provided a generous donation of $10,000 to Oklahoma Messages Project. The Kirkpatrick Foundation has been a strong supporter of OKMP these past several years and we appreciate the generous donation...

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Educating Children of Incarcerated Parents

Educating Children of Incarcerated Parents

It’s widely known that children with incarcerated parents face a big education gap. In my last blog I explained why. One of the best ways to help close that gap so these children can learn and achieve is to boost their reading skills. Oklahoma Messages’ Literacy and...

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