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Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerated women in the country – and the second highest for men. 85.3% of the women in prison in the state of Oklahoma has at least one child.  This means tens of thousands of children go months or years without one or both of their parents, which creates anxiety, depression, anger and loss of interest in school for these children. As children get to see and hear their parents saying “I love you and miss you. I’m proud of you!,” it helps traumatized children see themselves in a positive way and know that their parents are safe and well.

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Donate a book the our Amazon Wishlist today and give the gift of a smile to children with incarcerated parents. It’s fast, easy and a great way to help. We appreciate your contribution!

Jordan will be without his father until he is an adult, but he’d always hoped to hear his father read “You Are Special,” by Max Lucado.

Volunteer Testimonial: Summer Steel

Volunteer Testimonial: Summer Steel

Summer Steel of Oklahoma City has been volunteering with Oklahoma Messages since last fall. We're so thankful to have her with us, and we invited her to share why the program is so important! “Since I’ve been in a men’s prison visiting my brother, I’ve seen children...

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Donate a Stuffed Animal today!

Donate a Stuffed Animal today!

As the Oklahoma Messages Project prepares to begin another year filming this March, we invite you to donate a small stuffed animal to a child with an incarcerated parent, or parents. It's simple. Just visit our Amazon Wishlist and choose which item you would like to...

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