Outdoor Adventure Day: A Day for the Kids

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Thank you to everyone who made Outdoor Adventure Day a success!

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Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerated women in the country – and the second highest for men. 85.3% of the women in prison in the state of Oklahoma has at least one child.  This means tens of thousands of children go months or years without one or both of their parents, which creates anxiety, depression, anger and loss of interest in school for these children. As children get to see and hear their parents saying “I love you and miss you. I’m proud of you!,” it helps traumatized children see themselves in a positive way and know that their parents are safe and well.

A Day of Fun & Adventure

Our Outdoor Adventure Day at Shiloh Camp was a huge success thanks to our wonderful volunteers and sponsors! This annual event provides children of incarcerated parents a great day of fun & adventure. Learn more about the event.

A Father’s Message to his Daughter

Prison places a barrier between the parent and child. One father wanted to ensure that his daughter knew how much he loved her, even though prison and distance separates them. Read his letter.

OKMP Helps Children Succeed

OKMP Helps Children Succeed

Thank you to the Oklahoman for featuring Oklahoma Messages Project's Cheri Fuller and the work that the organization has been doing over the past 6 years to keep children connect with their parents through message videos. We appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers...

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Donation from West Hills Elementary

Donation from West Hills Elementary

To encourage their students to help others, Great Expectations #5 of West Nichols Hills Elementary School in OKC, a model school, held a book drive and donated many, many books this week to Oklahoma Messages Project! We want to thank the WNHE students, parents and...

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Father’s Day Connections

Father’s Day Connections

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rates in the country. For many father's who end up behind bars, they never have an opportunity to ever see their children.  Through the Messages Project, we are able to start to build those roads of connection between these...

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