Christmas Love

“My baby girl told me that when she got her Messages from Mom package and book at Christmas, she could touch me and it feels like I’m there with her even though I’m not and that it makes all four of the children (3,6,8,10) feel special and know I’m changing and I love...

A Blessing

“This program lets my son and my family see the ‘new me’ and see that I’m doing good and my son can put the DVD in and see me anytime he wants to and read with me. It’s brought Andyn and I closer together; he even reads the book to me over the phone. It’s a huge...

More than a Picture

“More than just a call or just a picture could do, my daughter sees me talking to her and sees me. It’s helped her and she loves the DVDs and books of mommy.” —Heather, inmate

Positive Outcomes

“I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to the sponsors, donors and volunteers of the Messages Project that gives us a chance to be involved in our kids’ lives even though we are not there physically. Thank you to the OK Messages Project for giving me the chance to do...

Contacting Our Kids

“I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your week to make it possible for us to contact our kids. That really means a lot to them and to us.” –With respect and gratitude, Autrey, inmate

Special Ways to Connect

“Thank you to everybody who donated and volunteered for the OK Messages Project. You all have given me a special way to connect with my daughter.” – Daryl, inmate