We are fortunate to be able to partner with a number of exceptional organizations across the state of Oklahoma who are aligned to our mission and values.

Friends for Folks 

Friends for Folks was founded by Dr. John Otto. His book, Marvin’s Shining Star, is a favorite for our parent’s to read to their children. The book is about hope and second chances, which is a very important lesson to teach for these parents and children. When a parent chooses this special book, the child receives a crocheted black lab named Star. Each crotched dog is made by an Oklahoma inmate. John has partnered with Cheri Fuller over the years in advocating for children of incarcerated parents and the importance of improving their literacy.

Marvin's Shining Star

Oklahoma Women’s Coalition 

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition is a statewide network of individuals and organizations working together to improve the lives of women and girls through education and advocacy. The Coalition promotes nonpartisan efforts, speaking with one voice, while addressing issues important to the progress of Oklahoma’s women and girls. Our Executive Director, Cheri Fuller, serves on the Women’s Incarceration Alternatives committee of this great organization.

Oklahoma’s Children of Incarcerated Parents Task Force
Since Oklahoma leads the nation on rate of incarceration for women and 2nd or 3rd for men, the Task Force was created in 2011 by the Oklahoma Legislature to look at the needs of these children and develop effective services to support them. Our Executive Director, Cheri Fuller, serves on the Advisory Committee of this Task Force along with other nonprofits and agencies that reach out to the children of incarcerated parents across the state of Oklahoma.


ReMerge is a comprehensive female diversion program designed to transform pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration into productive citizens. Women with children facing non-violent crimes are given an opportunity for treatment and rehabilitation. OK Messages Project works with these women to film videos for their children for Christmas and Mother’s Day and sends the books and the videos to the kids. In many cases, these women’s children are living with relatives or foster care as they participate in the rehabilitation program.