Through the OKMP literacy and prevention program, we addresses the crisis of child and parent separation due to incarceration. Our program reduces trauma & increases literacy rates by reuniting families through video stories. Watch our video or click the button to learn more about what we do.

Over 100,000 children in Oklahoma have a parent in prison.

Making a Difference

Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerated women in the country – and the second highest for men. 85.3% of the women in prison in the state of Oklahoma has at least one child.  This means tens of thousands of children go months or years without one or both of their parents, which creates anxiety, depression, anger and loss of interest in school for these children. As children get to see and hear their parents saying “I love you and miss you. I’m proud of you!,” it helps traumatized children see themselves in a positive way and know that their parents are safe and well.

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Oklahoma Messages impacts many lives. Read many success stories and learn about the lives we’ve touched through this amazing program.

Front Page News

Front Page News

We are so honored for our work to be featured on the front page of the Sunday Oklahoman! Thank you to everyone who helped us make Father's Day so special for these precious kids! More than 1,000 kids across Oklahoma got to watch dad read to them this Father's Day with...

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, when millions of children around the country love to be with and honor their dads. The kids make gifts and cards, give dad hugs and celebrate them. Not so for those whose fathers are behind bars. There are no celebrations, just an aching to...

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