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C. Ruben is currently serving time in prison and has been separated from his daughter, Ruby, who is turning 5 soon.  Many of the parents that we work with have not seen their children in years, and many cases, they never know their children. Distance and funding keeps these mother’s and father’s at a distance, which causes deep emotional problems for the children.

This father wanted to express to his daughter how much he thinks about her and loves her – even though prison separates them. C. Ruben wrote a touching letter to Ruby to accompany the book I Love You Because You’re You that he read to her through the Messages Project videos.

From C. Ruben Ingram to his daughter Ruby (4)

“I’m sitting here missing you a lot. I find myself thinking about you all the time! Your pictures are hanging on the wall by my pillow. Since you are always in my thoughts and because you’re getting to be a big girl, daddy is going to write you your first letter! I need you to understand how much I love you and that you are planned. You are named after my mother Ruby. I am so grateful for you. Go give your mother a kiss for me and tell her that I love her, (Jasmine “Jazzy”).

Ruby, I’ve been missing a lot of your life because of this situation. Since you are in school, how is Pre-K? How many friends do you have? I need you to do all of your homework and do well in school. Give me a kiss (smack)! *Please don’t even lie to anyone! Be honest as you can be and always remember that I love you!!

Your daddy was being bad and caught up and then… locked up.

P.S. Regardless of what anyone says about me, your daddy Reuben loves you! These are the pictures I look at every day. (He shows her photos) I like the clover on your shirt. You’re getting ready for school here.(He continues with describing and talking about each picture.)

I need you to do well in school and get a proper education. Know that when I come home, I’ll run right to where you are!