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As a veteran speaker, teacher, and writer of books for parents and teachers on how to help kids succeed in school and life—I care deeply about children! And in 2008 I discovered that our state, Oklahoma, incarcerates more women/mothers per capita than anywhere in the U.S. and world, and 2nd highest for men/dads. Then when I read the research about the devastation in kids’ lives when their parents go to prison, it was not okay to watch another generation of our state’s kids go down the prison pipeline.

I had to do something for them. My work as a volunteer in our state’s maximum security women’s prison led to me and a few compassionate people to found a nonprofit that exists solely to support kids of parents behind bars with creative, life-giving programs you’ll read about on our site.

We are passionate about serving these children because they are wonderful, valuable kids. They are full of potential and want a happy childhood just like your kids and mine. But due to circumstances beyond their control, they have faced more trauma and suffering in their short lives than most of experience in a lifetime.

Deprived of their primary parent, they struggle with fear (Is mom okay or beaten up?), guilt (If I’d been a better kid, this wouldn’t have happened), loneliness and sadness that interferes with their ability to focus and learn in school. If their family was poor, the children live in even more poverty after the primary breadwinner goes to jail and is locked up for years while the kids are shuffled between relatives.

But there is HOPE! Hope because as we come together to invest in these children’s lives, we can all make a difference.

After visiting our website and seeing our videos, we’d love for you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can keep up with what we’re doing—and hopefully at some point donate or get involved as a volunteer!

–Cheri Fuller, Executive Director