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The holidays are typically a time to get together with your family and celebrate the joy of the season.

This is not the same situation for the thousands of children who have a mother or father in prison.  The holiday season can be extremely painful and sad for these children. The loss they feel with their parent being away and not physically being there for them can have long and lasting impacts on their self confidence.

At Oklahoma Messages Project, we are working diligently to fill this gap by providing a way for these children to see and hear their parents say “Merry Christmas! I love and miss you!”

For the tens of thousands of Oklahoma children who do not get to spend the Holidays with their parents, waking up on Christmas morning may make them feel sad and lonely. But their Messages DVD and books make them feel closer to their parent, and better about themselves.  It may be the best Christmas present of all – and you can be a big part of that continuing in the year ahead!

The videos and books children receive at Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day may be the only way for the kids to feel their moms and dads’ love. Kids are starving to be loved and for parents to be proud of them.

As you consider your year-end giving, we hope you’ll remember the impact of OK Messages programs on the lives of hundreds of the most disadvantaged kids in our state.

With your help, we can send parents home at Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – even if it is virtually, to be with their children.

Thank you for your continued support!

Cheri Fuller