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Our offices have been overflowing with packages that are getting ready to be sent out to the hundreds of children who will be receiving a special delivery from their parents just in time for Christmas.

Each package is filled with a special book and a video – but more importantly, it is filled with love.  We think that these children will be more excited to receive this package than the one from Santa Claus, because it provides them an opportunity to receive their parents love.

Over the past two months, we have driven across the state of Oklahoma filming hundreds of moms and dads reading stories of hope and love.

Dad Preparing to Read Story to Child

Dad preparing to read story to his child.

It’s always a joy to see these parents be able to select just the right book they will read to their children and to be able to watch them imagine that their child was with them in the same room as they animate a story into the lens of the camera.

Dad Picking Out Books to Read

Dad selecting a book to read to his child.

These visits not only fulfills the parents, but it brings great joy to our team of volunteers and staff to know that we get to connect these children with their parents this holiday season. Especially for the children who have not seen their parents for a number of years. No child should be denied interaction with their parent.

Dad's at Joseph Harp's Prison

Dad’s at Joseph Harp Prison.

We want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, all of the staff at the correctional facilities across the state and the parents and families who participate in our program.

We are glad to be able to spread a little love and joy this holiday season and to know that even the smallest gesture can make a lasting impact on a person.