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Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rates in the country. For many father’s who end up behind bars, they never have an opportunity to ever see their children.  Through the Messages Project, we are able to start to build those roads of connection between these father’s and their children.

These video stories help to mitigate the negative impact of parental incarceration in the lives of the children. Our program assists these at-risk, vulnerable children in becoming healthy and productive adults.

The following behaviors were identified after children received one or more Messages from parents and watched them frequently:

  • 78% of the children experience moderate to huge improvements in self-esteem
  • 65% of the children had less depression and sadness
  • 85% had moderate to huge increases in their levels of happiness, well being and peacefulness
  • 71% were less anxious, fearful, and worried about their parents and had fewer nightmares
  • 72% showed improvements in reading and increased interest in reading
  • 54% reported less anger and acting out school and home
  • 59% had significant increases in interest in school and grades
  • 88% had moderate to huge improvement in bond with parent behind bars and caregiver

Hear what this program means to the father’s who have participated in the program.