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This past month, we have been traveling the state and connecting with hundreds of moms and dads.  The appreciation and impact that OKMP has had on their lives has been amazing.  Here is just a sample of some of the notes of appreciation from some of the father’s at Jess Dunn Correctional Center.


“My kids feel special, and they know that I am safe. The nine year old loves reading with the three year old. I feel good knowing that the kids have no doubts about my love and care for them. Thank you!”

“My son prays with me when I pray on the video. He bows his head and even says Amen with me at the end. He says “Hi!” back to me and nods his head in agreement when I am asking him to mind his “Nana”. He even loves his books and carries them around with him.”

“The videos give my children the assurance that they are not forgotten especially during the holidays. My kids have the desire to read more. The DVDs help them remember me as happy and being restored.”

“The Messages Videos help my kids know that I am Okay, and I am still involved in their lives by letting them know that I am thinking of them. My son had struggled with reading, but with the DVDs, it helps him practice and his reading is improving.”

“My children’s caregivers really appreciate and love that I am able to send books to the kids. They love the books and videos. My boys love to read! My youngest only looks at the pictures, but he has been talking a lot more.”

“The DVDs are the most contact I have with my son since he lives too far away to be able to travel and visit.”

“My family’s trust have been built back. My relationship with my children and sister has grown so much since I have made the videos.”

“My 8 year old is reading so much better, and he likes to read now because he reads along with me at bedtime. My kids feel close to me when they watch the videos. It is like I am there with them.”

“My family and I had no contact with my 8 year old, but now my family has been able to see him, and I talk to him on the phone. The DVDs help both my kids. They both want to read more often now.”

“I feel better knowing that I get to tell them how much I love them, and it has made us feel closer to each other.”

“The videos have let them see that I have improved and want to be part of my kids’ lives. My kids get to have story time with me.”

“My kids feel happy because the videos show that it is not that bad in prison as they think it is. My kids are doing better in reading, and they enjoy watching the DVD over and over again.”

“The Oklahoma Messages Project has helped improved my relationship with my child and her adopted parents more than you could ever imagine. The DVDs started a relationship/connection, and my daughter knows who I am and knows that I am fine.”

“My child is 4 years old and when he comes visits, he lets me read a book to him now. He is more comfortable with me since he has the videos to watch, and he wants to pay them every day over and over again.”

“The videos have affected me because I get to call my daughters and get them back in my life when I leave prison. My family and I have talk and write back and forth more since 2 years of no communication.”

“My daughters love to read and love to have grandma read to them. They are learning new words every day. This has helped me a lot and has let my daughters and I know that we will see each other again and that I have not left them. It also lets them know that this is not their fault, and I have not stressed that anymore. My daughters do not have to worry about me anymore.”

“His Mimi cried and thanked me for doing this. She said that he loves to read, and it is thank me!”

“My son doesn’t get to visit so he loves getting these videos. He gets to see me, and he gets ne books. My son has been asking me when I am going to send him more books. I love it when he asks me that!”