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Growing up without a father is hard to do! Sometimes parents feel there is very little they can do to comfort and encourage their kids when they are locked up and physically away from them. Every child needs encouragement from their dads.

The OK Messages bedtime story videos give these dads a way to contribute something positive to their children, as these Oklahoma fathers express:

My son is 13. I’ve done 4 DVD’s and the videos that are sent to him have not only improved our relationship but helped the whole family’s relationships heal. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is what happens when a father is in prison. But with the videos I’m not out of sight. I can tell him how proud I am of him andthat I love him. I thank God for this program. It’s more than a blessing. It has helped bring me home to my son.” — father at Joseph Harp CC

My six year old twin girls have had a very hard time with me being gone to prison. Sending the ‘Daddy movies’ as they call them and getting to read along with me has helped my girls’ reading improve and
has helped us develop a deep bond.” —a father at Lexington Correctional Center

My children are ages 4, 6, 9 and 11. My younger kids didn’t even know my face or who their daddy was until I got to be recorded while reading a book to them. My boys who are 9 & 11 are at an age where they really need a father. The videos let my boys spend time with me at any time. It helps them when they miss me. The books I’ve sent to the oldest two have improved their reading and learning a lot. Reading to them on the videos is one thing I can do to be a better dad. Thank you!” —Lexington dad

My children are 12, 10, and 8. Before my first video message, I had only seen my 3 children once and received a few letters. Since they started getting their videos, we became more connected and my ex-wife has brought them almost every week. Now we talk on the phone on a regular basis and we exchange letters, and I get to encourage them as they are growing up. Their reading and writing has improved because they read books with me every night.” —Lexington dad

My grandkids are 6, 5, 4, and 3. The videos have improved our relationships hugely. I’ve done 6 videos.
In them I’ve gotten to encourage my grandchildren to stay educated and pursue positivity. They love the stories and books I read to them and read along with me every night. It has really strengthened our relationship!