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Father’s Day is coming up, when millions of children around the country love to be with and honor their dads. The kids make gifts and cards, give dad hugs and celebrate them. Not so for those whose fathers are behind bars. There are no celebrations, just an aching to connect with their dads and to know they haven’t been forgotten. Like Jordan, one of the 108,600 Oklahoma children whose fathers are in prison.

Jordan was 6 years old when dad was locked up. Since Dad is serving a long sentence, Jordan will not be able to be with his father outside of prison bars until he’s an adult. A year and a half ago, his first DVD sent by Oklahoma Messages Project arrived, with his dad reading Thomas the Train Off to the Races, filmed, produced, and sent by OK Messages Project staff and volunteers. Jordan was thrilled. To hear Dad express his love and tell Jordan what an amazing boy he is made a big difference in his life.

His grandma reports that she saw a higher level of happiness in Jordan when he could see his dad and read along with a book whenever he wants. “It’s very important to Jordan and it makes reading more special for him,” she says. After three Messages packages, Jordan has a choice on which books to read with Dad and can’t wait to open each new one that arrives.

We’re so thankful for all of our amazing, hard-working volunteers who help in many ways to make this happen for our Oklahoma kids! Happy Father’s Day!

– Cheri Fuller, Executive Director