The OK Messages Project Works

We touch the lives of children in Oklahoma

Reduces Anxiety

After participating in the Oklahoma Messages Project, 65 percent of the children who participated experienced less depression and sadness; 85 percent were happier and more peaceful; 55 percent experienced less anger, anxiety, and acting out.

Boosts Self-Esteem

78 percent of children who participated in the Oklahoma Messages Project had higher self esteem; 88 percent had a better bond with their parent and caregiver. This increase in self esteem allows them to be more successful in building healthy relationships.

Improves Reading

72 percent of children who received messages from their parents showed improvement in reading; 59 percent had significantly more interest in school. This increases their likelihood of staying in school and staying out of prison.
Our program boosts children’s reading and literacy skills, reduces nightmares, anxiety, anger, and depression, and allows them to stay connected with their parents.

As a result, they experience improved emotional well being, less anger and acting out, and higher self-esteem. Now these children can have more successful outcomes at school and better relationships at home.

Success Stories

Hear from the Families

Jordan & Rhonda