A Trip to the Science Museum of Oklahoma

We had the opportunity and joy of taking a group of awesome kids who receive Messages videos and books from a parent behind bars to The Science Museum of Oklahoma this Spring!  The kids, as well as the volunteers, had an absolute blast spending a whole day discovering the fascinating places found within the museum.  Together journeying through outer space; tumbling in the gymnastics area; we made our way through mazes.

The kids learned about light bulbs, dinosaurs and sat for an exciting Science Live! Show in the auditorium, riveted and amazed. We provided big McAlister’s Deli lunches and cookies which were enjoyed by all the children—and had great volunteers that helped.
The day was so special and built even more bonds, with every hope that these precious kids feel seen, supported, empowered and have a very special day.

Before leaving, every child received a gift bag filled with necessary toiletries and hygiene items, an “Olaf” stuffed toy, hand knitted hats and scarves, and more. The youngest to the oldest enjoyed the day— both the aha! learning moments as well as the giggles and hugs we shared along the way.  The trip to the science museum was memorable beyond measure, like every time we get to all come together.