Each year, Oklahoma Messages Project hosts this special event for children age 3 through 16 who are affected by incarceration. This year, our Outdoor Adventure Day will take place on June 17, 2017. Guardians and caregivers can drop the kids off at the beautiful and safe outdoor venue, where a team of cheerful volunteers greet them and treat them to an action-packed day full of fun, food, and new friends!

Each child receives an Outdoor Adventure Day t-shirt, along with a new backpack and books for summer reading. They can play in the Moon Bounce, inflatable water slide and on the Zipline, paint in the painting station, and read books to cuddly shelter dogs. They have the opportunity to play sports and outdoor games and have a delicious and nutritious lunch in the great outdoors. Special appearances by super heroes, a performing dog show and other characters help make the day full of surprises. Each child may take home a new ball, along with many priceless memories of this adventure-filled day that was designed just for them!

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