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The Power of Reading Together

The Power of Reading Together

Snuggling up to mom or dad to read a book is one of the key bonding times between parents and children, and research shows that this simple ritual helps make children more successful in school. But when a parent is sent to prison, the child can’t read along with Green Eggs and Ham while her mom or dad reads.

But thanks to the OK Messages Project, children and incarcerated parents can read books together with the video bedtime stories the Messages teams film in prisons around the state of Oklahoma. This program, done hundreds of times each year, increases childhood literacy and builds kids’ self esteem as the parent-child bond is reconnected.

The minute that mom or dad comes up on the computer or TV screen, the children feel like they’re in the room. Kids say the videos helped their parents came alive. Prison walls and distance fade away as kids and parents have a conversation, read and sing songs together.

This kind of digital read-along is powerful for the growing number of Oklahoma children whose parent is in jail or prison. We need your support and donations, but also volunteers who will join the OK Messages teams by going into prisons to coach and film mothers and fathers sharing positive messages and reading books.

Contact us for more information on how you can become an approved Department of Corrections volunteer and join a Messages team.