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We can’t thank our volunteers enough for the great help they provide. We hope you will enjoy this brief testimonial from Makenzie Magnus. Thank you for volunteering, Makenzie!

“I first heard about OK Messages from a mom who was incarcerated; her son was a part of our church and she and I had developed a good relationship prior to her being incarcerated. We kept in touch through letters and she sent a flyer for the OK Messages summer camp and asked if I could take her son and grandchildren to be a part of it! After hearing Cheri speak up at a DHS forum on women in prison, I knew I was interested in being a part of the organization in some way. Oklahoma leads the world in incarceration rates and I wanted to get closer to the issue and not just know a lot of information about it. OK Messages provides such a valuable connection between parents and children and being able to meet the moms reading to their children was really special. When a child receives a video of their parent or grandparent reading to them and giving them a sweet and encouraging message, they’re not only inspired to improve their reading skills but it provides a connection and a vehicle for healing in their relationships!

One of the highlights of the day at Mabel Basset was getting to hear a mom read the next chapter of a story she was writing for her daughter (and now I’m hooked and want to know what happens next!) It was just great to be able to help moms pick out books that their kids might like and get to see how much it meant to them to be able to connect with their kids. One mom told me that she was so excited for her 9 year old son to see how clean and healthy she looked after having a history of drug abuse. There were so many special moments from that day! Coming from a faith perspective, I saw so much redemption. OK Messages is a bright spot in so many lives and it was a privilege to be a part of it!”

If you’re interested in volunteering with the OK Messages Project, sign up today!