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We thank Sarah Walizer, one of our volunteers, for her wonderful work with the Oklahoma Messages Project. We hope you enjoy reading her perspective on our program.

“Volunteering with Oklahoma Messages Project has been eye opening. I had never set foot inside a prison before, but doing so has stirred wonderings in me about how to combat the challenges faced by the complexities of the criminal justice system. Especially how do we effectively take care of those children who’ve lost a parent to sudden incarceration?

Oklahoma Messages Project goes straight to the heart and begins its healing work there. Their work is to be applauded! By using videos, children who have never seen their mother’s face before can see it for the first time. Kids who blamed themselves for the separation can hear that it’s not their fault and be relieved of self-imposed guilt.

Criminal justice reform is still needed, but Oklahoma Messages Project is certainly an admirable contributor towards facilitating a positive change, and it’s been a blessing to partner with them.”

If you would like to volunteer with the Oklahoma Messages Project, sign up today!