Volunteering With the Oklahoma Messages Project: How to Apply Online to DOC to get Approved 

To apply for Department of Corrections training to be badged and be able to go into prisons as a volunteer with The OK Messages Project, you need to go to the DOC website www.ok.gov/doc/ to begin the process.

Once on the DOC website, below is the step-by-step process to get to page to fill out the information.  If you need help, please contact us.

Go down to Volunteer Opportunities

Go to paragraph How do I become a Volunteer or find a place to serve?

Click Click Here

Go down to Volunteer Opportunities

Click Opportunity Search by Facility

Select Agency Wide Volunteer Programs and Services

Click Search

Go to bottom of page and click The Messages Project

Below Opportunity Description click Sign up

Go to Not Registered With Us?

Click Start Here

This will take you to where you begin filling out the application. Complete the registration process by filling in each area of information and clicking the “Next” button. Below are a few things that might be helpful to you in the process.

  1. Where it asks about Background Check Authorization click “Agree”, type your name, “Next”.
  1. Where it asks what region of the State do you want to serve – click all 5 regions.
  1. Under Volunteer Opportunities, The Messages Project is listed under Agency Wide Volunteer Programs and Services.

The next volunteer training in OKC put on by the DOC is March 3, 2018.

Once your application has been submitted CALL OUR OFFICE at 405-285-5955 and TELL US you have submitted it!  That’s so we can call and tell the Director that you’re one of our volunteers – and tell them to DO YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK.  They will email you a few days before the training date to let you know the date.  If you can’t make the date send you, be sure and CALL them and ask them to put you on the list for the next date! Or they’ll drop you from the database. 

We are excited for you to join our OK Messages team – this project makes a world of difference to the children of incarcerated parents.